Contradiction in creation?

Greeting pastor
This is Meshach from India.
Im a christian. But I have some doubts.
First one is…according to researchers, based on the history available in bible they tell that adam and eve were created around 6000 years ago. But scientists have discovered human bones which millions of years ago and the existence of animals that were millions of years ago. So there is a contradiction between the creation. So does this mean that the bones which were discovered and the age of these bones calculated were wrong or is there any other reason. Im confused. Hoping to get answers for my questions and lot more that im still having.
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Thank you for your question. As Christians we know that the Bible is inspired. We also know that if the Bible was to give us all of the genealogical records then it would be a massive book and a massive undertaking in studying. Science has indeed given us information that appears to be contradictory to the Bible but in reality the Bible was not designed to be a science book. In it God has revealed unto us what we need to know concerning God, man, sin, Christ, salvation, redemption, and the second coming of Christ. There is a lot of things we want to know and through God declaring his glory in the heavens and the firmament we have a wonderful glimpse in to things that arouse our curiosity. How long as man been around is important for sure but not as important as how can man be restored to the one who created him in His imagine and likeness, which is God in the person of Jesus Christ. Let that always be your focus and when he comes again the age of man which be much less significant to the eternity in which we will spend with the God who made us for His pleasure.

I hope this helps you.

God bless!


There are a lot of different views on how to reconcile the findings of science with the creation account. Some of these include the Gap Theory, Day/Age Theory, Old Earth Creation, Pictorial Day Theory, Eden-only Theory, and Nonconcordism. Ultimately, as Robert said, the Bible was not meant to be a science text book. The numbers in the genealogies were not put there for us to be able to add them all up to get the age of the universe. Their significance is theological, not chronological. The shortening life spans show the growing influence of sin on the created order.

What matters is that God created everything, including us. Exactly when and how is something known only to Him. Science can give us some info, but it has its limits as well.


Welcome, @Meshach_Newton - you’ve raised an excellent question. It is true that many secular scientists today believe theories about the age of the earth and about the beginning of life that contradict a literal interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2.

It is also true that the Bible is not primarily about science - I have never known any Christian who said that it was.

But having said that, I must hasten to add that while it is primarily about the relationship between God and mankind, there are times when it makes statements that intersect with other disciplines - geography, biology, history, anthropology, etc.

And when it makes statements in any area, it is never untrue. The God Who created history knows history better than any historian - knows geography better, knows science better than any human, however well educated he may be. There is no university degree that can confer inerrancy on a smart man. Even Einstein blundered.

One of the most famous rabbis who ever lived, Maimonides, said that whenever there is a contradiction between scripture and science, it is either because of a misunderstanding of scripture or of science. I would agree. The Creator Who created the universe also wrote the Bible, and what He reveals in the one, He will never contradict in the other.

So when you see modern secularists stating theories about the origins of the universe and life within it that contradict what God reveals in the Bible, then you have one of two choices. Either those secular scientists are wrong in this area, or the literal interpretation of Genesis is wrong.

Now if you believe that the scientists are wrong, then you will be perfectly at ease saying that the universe was created a few thousand years ago in six literal, 24-hour days. And you will probably be very interested in learning the Young Earth Creationist’s (YEC) explanations of how the earth looks much older than a literal view of Genesis indicates that it really is - which you can find on many good websites. Just google “Young Earth Creationist websites” to find lists of them.

But if you choose to believe the secular scientists are right, then you will more likely interpret Genesis as being a poem or a figurative explanation of creation. You will not take the word “day” in Genesis 1 to mean a literal 24-hour period. You will interpret it instead as a vast epoch of time, and you’ll probably be very interested in Old Earth Creationist’s (OEC) explanations of how to reconcile this with the biblical creation story - and you can google a list of their websites as well. Or just google “Creationist websites” to get them both.

I am an unapologetic YEC. I believe that we should interpret the world around us in light of the Bible rather than allowing secular evolutionary theories to cause us to reinterpret the Bible to accommodate their hollow views.

Paul warned us in I Timothy 6:20-21 not to let false ideas masquerading as science to cause us to err from the faith.

So I think you have a decision before you. May God give you wisdom as you research this topic. And whichever side you settle on, may we still be friends and love one another!


Greetings @Meshach_Newton I am Brian from Ireland, though I have been living in Asia since 2004. I am a master at making Indian tea :grinning: This is according to my colleague from Delhi.
My understanding that the 6000 year age of the earth you mention comes from an Irish clergyman who used the genealogies in the bible to backdate the age of the earth to a specific day :thinking:
Perhaps one of the best resources on this topic is this lecture by John Lennox titled, “Seven Days That Divide the World”.

I myself have been swinging between being a young earther and an old earther for the duration of my Christian life, just 11 years now. To learn more about the young earth view I recommend Answers in Genesis. Here is their website. And to learn more about the old earth view I recommend Reasons to Believe. Here is their website.

With all the evidence I currently have I have swung to the old earth camp. Here is a blog post that wrote on the topic of the Big Bang, which I believe is one of the greatest proofs that the Bible is accurate and that our faith is real.

I hope my answer has helped you. I will revise my answer if I revert to my young earth ways. It is important to remember that this is not a central doctrine to Christianity, so we can debate it. However, if you are sharing the gospel to a scientist and you talk about a young earth, you will most likely lose them :thinking:


Hi, Meshach!

The scientists who dated those fossils likely were using the layer counting technique, or carbon-14 dating, both of which have proved to be unreliable. The layer counting tecnhique is unreliable because they are counting on the fact that the layers have taking a specific amount of time to be laid down, and don’t take into account the fact that one of the only ways the fossil could be created is if it were buried quickly under a lot of sediment. We’re talking a matter of minutes, not years.

I’d say that it’s more likely that the scientists calculated the age of the bones incorrectly. If you want to hear both sides of the young earth/old earth debate, there are lots of online resources. Here is a list of creationist websites: It will be easy for you to find evolutionist websites. :wink:

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