(Ted Kilcup) #1

I occasionally come across something that I find contradictory in scripture. What resources are out there that people have used? I’ve used the Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties. Anybody have any other resources they’ve found helpful?

(SeanO) #2

1 - NET Bible - Maintained by Dallas Theological and occasionally has good notes that help resolve issues

2 - Zondervan Bible Background Commentary

Have found somewhat useful for orienting myself if the issue turns out to be cultural rather than logical

3 -

Steve Gregg goes basically verse by verse through the whole Bible and often he will discuss a contradiction. I don’t always agree with the resolution, but his discussion is usually helpful.

Also, you can easily get a hold of him by phone on his radio program - not easy to do that with other folks.

Hope that helps

(Ted Kilcup) #3

Yeah, I will check all those out. Thanks!

(Jimmy Sellers) #4


I have found this to be a useful site.