Conversation starters

(Santiago Echeandía) #1

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what questions or conversation starters you use to talk about Jesus to other people. I am a little shy and could use the help! Thanks a lot!

(SeanO) #2

@sanechev Here are some other threads you may find helpful. In what context are you wanting to share the Gospel? What is the setting?

(Titus Chereches) #3

Thanks a lot Sean! This is really useful.

(SeanO) #4

@titusul Glad it was helpful! What was most helpful for you? How do you generally go about starting evangelistic conversations?

(Titus Chereches) #5

Well, it depends a lot. I realize that I have a problem in this area. I was born and raised in a Christian family, and attended Christian school until college. Starting evangelistic conversations just wasn’t in my context (or so I though), even though I’ve interacted with non-believers from time to time (mostly when playing football). I even worked after college in companies with Christian founders and staff :slight_smile:

In only began paying more attention to this in my recent years, when I joined a big company , with a lot of non-believers. I admit that it’s really hard for me to start this type of conversations, from zero. If I have something to refer to, great (such as a national event that happened which posed a moral question or something like this), but if not, I’m just keeping things on a workplace level…

(SeanO) #6

@titusul Yes, it is unnatural to jump straight into an evangelistic conversation without creating a natural flow in the conversation that can lead to it. I think that is one reason it helps to try to learn how to build up a conversation so that it moves towards spiritual matters. Though that is easier said than done. What I like about the Engel scale is that it helps you think through what sorts of topics might be useful to talk about (or if it is even the right time for talking). The Lord grant you wisdom as you witness in your workplace through your actions and, at the right time, through your words.

(Carson Weitnauer) #7

HI @titusul,

I would encourage you to gather some friends in what sounds like a very strong Christian network and do the Everyday Questions small group study together. It is written to help you think through - and feel - and relate to - a variety of people in an authentic way - in a way that is loving the other person and caring about their life.

To give you a hint, though, it starts by really listening to what they are saying, asking sincere questions to understand them better, and then really listening to their answer. That in itself is a tremendous way to build a friendship.

(Matt Western) #8

that’s great thanks for the resource, I’m gradually becoming confident enough to talk about the harder questions - but struggle to find those bridging questions that are natural (without killing the conversation altogether) to get from ‘how’s your family, what is your footy team, what’s the weather next week’ into a quality conversation about things that matter.