Corruption of What It Means To Be Human

Hi brothers & sisters!
These are exciting times to be in. I would like to get an idea what most of the Christian worldview think of Schwab’s “The Great Reset” & how technocrat elitists’ plans if fulfilled, will in fact, corrupt what it will means to be human in the not too distant future.
I found Corbett’s (on Bitchute platform) Guide to Great Reset quite informative & it makes me even more resistant as powers that be ever meddle to be as God.

I know our sovereign God is ultimately in control despite rebellious plans of man & we’ve nothing to fear, but I suppose my main question is what do you think about this? Are the Endtimes actually closer than we may have thought? And what are some ways spiritually & practically that we can prepare & strengthen the church for the days ahead?
Thanks for reading. God bless.
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Hi Rosa @Rosa_Deo ,

Thank you for your question. I think this is one more theory about what world leaders are planning. I could ask that guy who made that video two things: (1) If it is secret, how do we know something about it? and (2) If it’s not, why does any country is preparing its citizen?

I think we, as common people, will never have a single clue of what the most powerful people are planning secretly. On the other hand, I think we don’t have to be worried about that. We know the devil control this world (Ephesians 2:2), but also we know Jesus won the battle (Ephesians 1:21).

We are certainly in the last days… but since the times of the apostles. Peter said that in Acts 2:17. We are nearer than the apostles, but we don’t know how near… Jesus told us that there’s no way for us to know the day. But He told us three stories to know how to be prepared.

The first parable is in Matthew 24:43-51, He told us that we have to be doing what we are supposed to be doing: obeying his commands.

The second parable is in Matthew 25:1-13, He told us that we have to wait for Him in his Holy Spirit.

The third parable is in Matthew 25:14-130, He told us that we have to carry fruit at the level He demands.

So, full your mind with the Bible and practice it, and with a strong love for God, you and I will be prepared for his second coming.

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