Cosmin Pricopoaea

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Say hello…
Greetings everyone, may God bless you and your communities all around the world.

Where are you from?
I am from Romania, Eastern Europe. I work in a corporation with a team of people for folks in the US.

What led you to join Connect?
I have had an inclination towards apologetics ever since I gave my life to Christ. I heard that RZIM created this forum as an option to communicate with fellow seekers of meaning, to ask and answer questions, so in my intent to further gain knowledge but also maybe even relate to fellow seekers of Truth, I signed up here.

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Welcome, Cosmin!

This is a good place for that. There are people from all over the world with whom you can get in touch. E.g. @CipriCo and @titusul they are also from Romania. And there are many possibilities to ask questions e.g. here: Ask Alex Stark

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Salut Cosmin si bun-venit! :slight_smile:

For the sake of everyone else, I’ll continue in English.

I can confirm that this forum is a great resource for every Christian. Feel free to ask any question you have on your mind and you will surely receive answers.

I also worked in a large IT company and there’s where my interest in apologetics grew, as I was constantly challenged by a skeptic work-colleague to provide answers to difficult questions regarding Christianity.

Btw, in which city do you live? I’m currently in Cluj-Napoca.

(Ciprian-Ionatan Cotlet (Jonathan)) #4

Hei Cosmin, ma bucur sa te cunosc!

I am student in the UK which is a much more sceptical society than the one in Romania where I grew up. Being a student here I get to meet all kinds of people, from muslims, hindus, atheists to just people that do not consider themselves religious.
Since I moved here I also felt the need to engage in apologetics. First for myself and then for other people. I gave my life to Christ too and He changed my life since then and through apologetcs I hope to answer people’s questions and my own.

(Cosmin Pricopoaea-Nicolaescu) #5

I live in Bucharest, though there is a slight chance I will be travelling to Arad in a month or so.

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(Scott Dockins) #6


Welcome fellow questioner, seeker of Truth, and brother in Christ! I’m glad you joined connect and pray that this forum will fuel new friendships for you, knowledge, wisdom, wonder, and most importantly, deepen your relationship with our God, the Father (YHWH), Son (Yeshua), and the Helper (Holy Spirit).

God bless you on your endeavors, brother.

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