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Could Jesus get sick?

If Jesus was fully man and fully God, having experienced everything here on Earth, could He get sick?
We know, that sickness came once death was introduced after the original sin. Since then, mankind has inherited that nature. If sickness was a result of sin and Jesus didn’t sin on Earth ( didn’t inherit a sinful baiter) was He able to get sick.
*note feeling pain is different then having a virus/bacteria which causes a deterioration of the body potentially leading to death.

Would love to discuss what people’s view on this is.

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I wouldn’t adopt all of the exact assumptions you’ve made…

I would contend that It does not bend or compromise the biblical text to conclude that sickness and death were introduced as a result of Adam and Eve being kicked out of the garden. The reason God placed Cherubims, and a flaming sword to keep them out Gen 3:22-24 was to prevent them from living forever in the garden with access to the tree of life.

This seems to be a foundational consideration to be able to answer your question.

It’s possible there’s a bit much speculation among Christian teachings about the implications of the term: “sinful-flesh” / “sinful-nature” / “sinful-baiter”/ “sinful-X-Factor” etc. and what it is, what it isn’t, and where it came from, or comes from, how it works, and why…

From what I’ve seen the term “sinful nature” (most commonly used) offers an extreme range of flexible leeway that tends to hinge on one’s imagination and assumptions to define what it does and doesn’t mean. (that’s problematic)

You’ve got a good question and I look forward to following the discussion. But I think the crux of your answer is going to be located behind the defining of this term. :blush:

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