Could you come and speak to our school?

Hi Michelle,
It is a joy to have you responding to questions this week.

My name is Ro Spaulding, I teach Apologetics to 7th & 8th grade students at a small Christian school in central Florida. Hey neighbor!
I strongly believe so many young people walk away from the faith by the time they go to college, b/c they have moral complaints against God’s character, the church or the validity of the Bible. It is so important that these questions be addressed and prayerfully settled before they can move forward in trusting Him.
Thus, this class was born for students to ask questions & understand who Jesus truly is. As I read their questions, I feel the weight of their hearts and I am humbled to be entrusted with these precious souls.

At the beginning of the year, I instructed each student to write down a question that they have been struggling with for a while. I let the students know, I would be submitting their questions to a member of the RZIM staff on an open forum. I told them to be patient, for it may take awhile to submit the questions, but each week the students ask with eager anticipation if their question has been answered.

I have grouped their questions into categories and I wish to submitt 2 questions from 1 category as they have written them. Suffering.

"God says he’s always with us and he also knows what is going to happen so he just sits there and watches? Why would a so loving and big God let you go through so much if he is real! I am Georgia and I’m a teenager. "

“Why would God allow sorrow, loss, and pain on innocent people? The reason I’m asking this is cause I lost many family members when I was young and they didn’t deserve to die. Also, this is Gabby, I’m 13 and I’ve always wondered why loss has come to my family.”

If you have time in the next few months, It would knock my kids socks off if you came to visit during one of our class. I truly believe you, taking the time, in the flesh, to interact with them, could be the catalyst some of these students need to solidify Christ in their lives. Plus, it would be so cool and I would love it.

Please let me know if a visit is remotely possible and thank you so very much for answering the cry of these two precious girls hearts.

So Very Grateful,

Ro Spaulding


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