Could you suggest some sources to read about Vanity

(Alex Barreto Cosmo) #1

I realized that I had no extra biblical sources on the Vanity topic. Could you suggest some for me!?

(Matt Western) #2

Hi Alex,
would you mind adding a little more context to the question? Are you referring to vanity as in the opposite of humility?

I notice you are a pastor of 12 years (my father in law is a pastor :slight_smile: ), are you looking at sharing or preaching on this topic in the future? If you are preaching to youth or younger people (or even everyone in general), I think a big topic of concern is where we get our sense of value. Am I valuable by what I do? Or am I valuable because of who I am (Humanity created in God’s image, and then Christians are adopted into God’s family because of Jesus Christ)

if we are comparing ourselves to others the whole time on social media, we can have a whole range of destructive emotions that surface. Many people say if we are comparing our normal lives with the highlight reel of others lives on social media, it’s just destructive to ourselves and not reality anyway. We are all obsessed with putting forward an image of our ideal self on social media (LinkedIn for professionals are no different than Facebook) to try to find our place in society, and find(earn) acceptance and love from people.

I did find this video below interesting basically saying if we are comparing our lives with other more successful people, we are actually chasing after a fantasy, if we want to be rich like person x, have good looks like person y, and have the family of person z. That person does not exist.

Also I presume you’ve seen theBibleProject video resources - Wisdom series?? Life is ‘hevel’ (not meaningless, but rather smoke which we cannot grasp but need to learn to enjoy humbly)

I may be way off track from your original question, so feel free to steer the topic back in the direction you had in mind. :slight_smile: