Course Completion Certificate

Dear Team,

I have completet the Core Course last year and although I provided a mailing adress I never received the Certificate. Is there any way to still receive it? I contaceted RZIM via Email but I have not gotten a reply so far

God bless,
Gerd Watzenig

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Hi @g.watzenig,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve passed on your message to the RZIM Academy team so that they can follow up with you. Generally, the best way to make inquiries about the certificates of completion is to send an email to We apologize if you’ve tried this and didn’t hear back yet. Please let us know if you need anything else.

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Thank you, I wrote an email to the address provided.

Best Gerd

Hello again. I did as advised but have not been contacted or received any mail. :frowning:

Hello there. Are there any updates on how to proceed? I am not receiving any answers via mail.
Best regards,

Good afternoon Gerd,

Thank you for following up with your Core Module Certificate of Completion, and I am sincerely sorry that you haven’t gotten help yet. I’m happy to help get this to you as quickly as possible.

Since your completion of this course, how we issue certificates changed from all of them being printed and mailed, to all of them being sent immediately following the close of the course as a PDF certificate. This was to solve the problem of some printed certificates either taking too long to arrive (this was especially true of certificates mailed to outside of the United States, such as yours), or not arriving at all.

We do still offer printed certificates. Please be aware, though, that since we now only print certificates twice a year, it may be more than six months before yours arrives.

The good news now is, I should be able to have your Certificate of Completion emailed to you within a few days. I’ll go ahead and begin that process now.

If, however, you’d also like a printed certificate, if you’ll simply let me know, either here or via email at, I’ll be delighted to get that order placed for you.

Do you have any ideas on what you’d prefer? I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Gerd.



Dear Brian!

Thank you so very much for coming back to me on that! An email with a PDF is absolutely sufficient!

God bless, Gerd

PSsorry for the late reply, the RZIM notifications endet up in my Spam folder.

Great! You should be receiving it soon, Gerd! Thanks for following up with me. Please let me if there’s anything else I can help with.


Thank you! So far I haven’t received any. Thanks for following up.