Courts of Heaven

I have been looking into a teaching on the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson. I’m not sure why but there’s something about this teaching that rubs me the wrong way. I acknowledge that we are living in a world with spiritual forces against us but wonder about a teaching that tells us we HAVE to go into the courts…confess sins from other generations in our lineage, etc…
What about the finished work of the cross? Also, Jesus tells us how to pray and He doesn’t tell us to go through all this.
Your thoughts on this teaching would be very helpful🙂. Thanks.


Hi Tanya,

I’ve not heard of Robert Henderson or this teaching specifically.

You are correct; Jesus gave us the model of prayer. Not a ‘vain repetition’ to parrot mindlessly or some sort of formula to get what we want, but a model to talk to Him with a genuine heart attitude of humility.

Personally; I have a problem with any sort of prosperity position where a person demands of God anything; nobody demands of God anything; He is Lord of creation and only because of Christ’s completed work on the cross we are able to pray in Jesus name.

There is an article here which summarizes some of the issues with this teaching. From your research is this a fair summary of Robert Henderson’s position(s)?

just a few introductory thoughts, and I look forward to others responses as well.
by the way; a very warm welcome to the community; :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
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Well, @Redhead - I’ll admit I’ve never heard of this before, and so far all I know is what you’ve written. But just from that alone, I can already see why it rubs you the wrong way.

The idea that we have to go into some kind of courts goes against what Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4 - ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem worship the Father…they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth. The location is not the issue. You can worship Him in a prison, in the wilderness, in church, at home… The heart is the real issue.

And confessing sins of former generations? Now, I realize that there were occasions when one prophet or another would acknowledge that the sins of former generations were unjustified. They would confess that their ancestors were wrong, and those who came after should not follow their bad examples.

But that does not sound like what you are describing this man as teaching. It sounds like you’re saying that he tells us to confess their sins and ask God’s forgiveness on their behalf. Something like Mormons being baptized on the behalf of their dead ancestors so they can finally ascend to the third heaven.

I think you would be better served reading a more credible author.

I hope this is helpful to you - in spite of my limited knowledge of the book you’ve mentioned.j


Hi. Thanks so much. The article you posted summarizes as much of what I’ve known of his teachings. I’m relieved to know I’m not alone in the position I’ve landed on. Glad for your help😊

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