Cover to Cover Season 3 Begins May 15!

@Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover friends, we come with exciting news! We are pleased and thankful to share that Cover to Cover Season 3 will launch on May 15! Season 3 features Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale. This will be our longest season yet, with 16 one-hour episodes. We even have a special guest joining us for our conversation around scientism.

We hope you will order your book and get ready to join us here on Connect every week with your thoughts, questions, and “One Thing” take-aways! We will post resources and notes for every chapter, just like always.

On a personal note: It’s such a joy to be able to read and think about true, good, valuable things as part of my job. I never take it for granted. It’s frankly incredible to me that these conversations are helpful to people besides me and @Shawn_Hart, but I am continually humbled to see how God chooses to bless and use these small efforts for His glory. And we get to learn from you along the way. What more could we ask for?

I’m including a page from the final chapter, which we record tomorrow. (I will never have to guess which copy of the book I was using when we recorded!) Amazing how many questions still arise on close reading, even on a passage I know as well as this one.


Cool! Hello it’s my first time to join cover to cover book reading and I’m pretty excited. I just read Jesus Among Other Gods two months ago so I’m excited for this one as well. I just have a few questions, is there a reading plan or guide to what chapters will be talked about in the podcast or is it in general a chapter a week? Thanks and looking forward to this book reading community!

4 Likes, I’m so glad you’re joining the Cover to Cover discussions! The podcast usually does one chapter per week, going straight through the book. Jesus Among Secular Gods is so deep, though, that they’ll take two weeks on many (most?) of the chapters.


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: We’re glad to have you with us. @Jennifer_Wilkinson is exactly right: For this season, we decided to keep all of our episodes to one hour, but to do more than one episode per chapter when it was needed. For this book, it was needed quite often! In the end, all but one of the chapters will have two episodes.

Most of these chapters are around 30 pages, so that means you can estimate about 15-20 pages per week, if you want to read along with us. The other option (which I would recommend if you have time) is to read the chapter all the way through twice, since there’s so much going on in each one that a repeat reading would probably serve you well. I know that’s quite a time commitment though.


I’m glad to hear that a new book is starting. I was going to tell some other people about it, but these are people who haven’t done a RZIM academy class, and I can’t remember if they can join RZIM connect? I know at first that Connect was just for alumni but I don’t know if that changed. No problem if it is still limited- I just don’t want to invite them to this forum if they can’t join.


@Meg_Cusack, that’s a great question! Your friends are absolutely welcome to join Connect if they’d like to – and we’d be thrilled to have them here in the Cover to Cover section too. :slight_smile: Connect membership is open to any Christian who can agree to the values and guidelines. There are some amazing cornerstones of the Connect discussion community (and even the volunteer team) who haven’t taken an Academy class (yet :wink: ).

Connect has actually always been open to a wide audience, but there have always been a lot of Academy alumni around too. Early on, when Connect was first starting, we encouraged many of our Academy students to invest time and energy here, since it’s such a great resource and we knew that many people would be interested in continuing the conversations and relationships from their courses. Now that the Academy alumni content is hosted here, we do continue to see many Academy students in the daily conversations, which I love! That makes Connect a place where Academy friends can keep talking, and also where everyone can be enriched by new perspectives and relationships. We really do get the best of both worlds here.


Great. Thanks for clarifying!