Creating a Blog In 2020

Hi all

I’ve felt the Lord at one time giving me this desire to start my own (sort of) teaching/apologetics blog. I want to ask, what advice would you give to start it out?

I’m currently trying to do the following:
Start off the website with blog posts centred on a learning project, where I will attempt to learn the whole Bible (just to get the general overall picture and applying some basic hermeneutical skills via How to Read the Bible for All it’s Worth) within the year.

The reason I want to do this first and foremost is not just because I’m attempting to build foundations, but also because I want to keep myself accountable in order to stick to learning and applying the basics of Biblical Hermeneutics. Of course, this is just a rough idea.

I do plan to get into the idea of going into other apologetics resources for learning, but I feel that will be a goal for another year, because this coming year I have another set of priorities that need to be addressed (getting into the British Army, keeping a job to pay some debts, etc.).

Any thoughts?