Critique of Facebook conversation

I have been posting news and videos on Facebook in the hopes of stimulating conversation. While the longest conversations have been with people who fiercely disagree, I have found people following the conversations have been encouraged. I recently had a conversation that was filled with vitriol and accusations. I finally ended the conversation knowing it was going nowhere. If anyone is so inclined, I would appreciate feedback on the conversation, not from the standpoint of how I could have “won,” but how clear was my thinking and did present myself as a child of God. Thank you.


@etuttle. I am not catholic but your message encouraged my heart. I think that many of us thought we would have left this world before the dire conditions the Bible warned about would be upon us. They are most certainly here.

Like many tricks the enemy employs, so call social freedoms have become twisted and ‘buzz-speak’ that requires that the foundational truth of the Church of JESUS be set aside. But we are long past the hour where we can afford to make people like us at all costs. Our world no longer allows us that favored past-time.

Can we still speak to a lost world with love? We can and we must. But the world now needs us to be clear on how our living must honor GOD. Who knew a fallen world would become the catalyst that causes the church to abandon its ‘luke-warm’ presentation.

Will everyone be saved, no. Will everyone like us, no. Will some hate us, yes. But until we have resisted unto blood upon the cross, it is still a small price to pay. What faces our nation and our world, demands that as never before we are the city that sits upon a hill. The light that will not be hidden in the bush. You spoke that truth with elegance. I stand with you in prayer.

I can only imagine what it may cost you. But I do know, what is needed by a world that cannot recognize its own need; is an unabashed, unapologetic, loving, and calm representation of the heart of GOD. I think you did that very well.


Thank you. It was my desire through the entire discourse to honor God and the other person. It must take great training along with a gift from God to be able to do this in person in a debate format. It is so easy to want to return ad hominem attacks with sarcasm or the same venom. These conversations have been good exercises for me. Thank you again.


Edward, I read your good heart in the Facebook thread. I think your interlocutor also has a good heart. Both of you made legitimate points. The problem is that Facebook is not a good forum to debate serious matters because (a) people are more likely to treat each other as non-entities because they are not personally interacting; and (b) people are not very likely publicly to change their minds about things in which they have invested so much public capital. It is the Wild West, where everyone shoots poison pellets at each other. I have had very discouraging interactions with real friends on Facebook because they would post very insulting memes and preach to the choir, then argue (or not answer) when I called them on it. Maybe if you have an opportunity you can reach out to the person with whom you argued. Who knows? An actual relationship can blossom.


Thank you, Brendan. I have to be honest, I missed the good heart of the debater amidst the foul language and ad hominem attacks. And what pained me most was the final comment from a woman with whose family I once had a sweet connection. She also has gone so far left in her thinking that she is unrecognizable. Your point about the poison pellets and arguments is well taken. I am finally going to delete my Facebook account—something I have debating about doing for quite some time.


Edward, I completely sympathize with you. Things like this are very painful. Constructive online interactive communities are so rare that RZIM Connect is the only one that I have found! I, too, sought to persuade people on Facebook and Twitter. I found that one of three things happened: first, talk to myself; second, talk to an echo chamber; third, talk to an angry mob. None of those options bear good fruit.


Hello sir,

I am grateful to share a space in this conversation with you. I appreciate your heart to disagree (when necessary), yet respect and honor people. As Christians, I believe that this is one way we honor God in our speech and conduct.

The issues you wrote about on Facebook are really hot areas for discussion, and in more cases than not, dissension. I thought that the tone you used to express your beliefs was very good. You were clear on your position without coming across as hateful (which sadly, is all too common even among Christians on FB).

There were a couple of things that you said which I didn’t necessarily agree with, such as your stance on health care. I also thought that you may have missed at least one opportunity to hear the heart of one of your counterparts who expressed legitimate concern over the professed ideologies of Christianity and the practical lives of said professing Christians.

That being said, I agree with @blbossard when he said,

Thank you for all for the conversation.

Have a blessed day. :slight_smile:

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