Critique of Sapiens by Noah Hariri

We are on fact finding mission with a friend of mine so we are reading this book and my friend seams convinced with his concept and the world view presented. I was wondering if anybody hear has read it and have a different opinions from Hariri. Would you be kind enough to give a critique? Thanks in advance.


Hi Vincent,
I’ve not read this book; but I remember that John Lennox, in his talk ‘Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?’ quotes from Noah Harari’s more recent book image .

From the youtube transcript (the 30 minute mark approx).

Genesis raises the morality question there is concern about it even when talking about hypothetical super intelligent machines but there was another tree in the garden and that is the tree of life and we remember that one of Hariri’s propositions was that in this century we are going to solve the problem of physical death.

Are we?; because Genesis raises some very interesting points; It tells us that when humans disobeyed God He removed from them a source of food that if they had had access to it would have kept them physically arrived forever. That’s what the text says and you begin to wonder if the search for physical immortality all goes back to this story that God excluded them from it, and you’ve probably read in classical mythology the search for the elixir of life and now the modern person is the search for image , so Harare projection to the future and his idea is that we’re going to upgrade humans into gods; the biblical answer to it is spectacular because there is a image a man who is God but it’s not man becoming God, it’s God becoming man and the heart of the Christian faith is that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us evidenced by his resurrection and his ascension
There is a image we don’t have to wait for Harare or Kurt’s file or anybody else to create a man who is God there is a man who is God

isn’t it interesting ladies and gentlemen, that when someone like Harare or Kearse says this is going to happen people say “oh that’s fascinating”, but what we claim that there is a man who’s God “Oh”, they say “you couldn’t possibly believe that that’s the Bible isn’t it?” and what I want to argue to you tonight seriously is this we have come to a very important moment where we can see in our culture ideas that are parodies of what we’ve already got of the Bible which gives us a remarkable opportunity to speak into what’s going on now one of the hopes of these people you’ve probably heard it is to upgrade ourselves and become more intelligent and all this kind of thing but you see there is already in existence a divine upgrade and phase one is that any one of us by trusting Christ as Lord and Savior who died for our sins can become what we were not by nature a child of God that is a spectacular divine upgrade isn’t it and that can already happen we don’t have to wait for it we can receive the life of God and perhaps by looking at it against the background of AI we can see just how remarkable this is we have something to say to our world they’re searching for it they’re nowhere near it they’re trying to get there but we can say look God has become man there is a man who is God He is risen from the dead and he invites everybody to become children of God receiving a new life eternal life by trusting him as many as received him he gave the right to become children of God the serpent said in the day you eat thereof you shall be hamada you shall be as God’s here’s the biblical answer to that God doesn’t want to suppress anybody he wants to make us his children in his family with the same kind of life as he has got but there’s more the image was here he’s left he’s returning (continues)

Lennox mentioned he was going to write a book about this topic a year ago but there hasn’t been anything released; perhaps this video might be of interest to your friend? Best to watch the whole video to get the full context of course… :slight_smile:

God bless as you reach out and discuss with your friend; and point them to Jesus.
Kind regards


@Vincent thank you very much for posting this question. I purchased the book last summer as one of my closest friends recommended it. I purchased the book to discuss it with my friend and use the content to continue to witness to him. It provided lots of opportunities for this of which I am very grateful. I hope this question gains more traction and that more people answer you, because I really want to learn how much of the book is accurate.

The book most definitely challenged my understanding of the origins aspect of my worldview. I have been using the Ask RZIM category of Connect to ask as many questions as possible to experts about human evolution. Here is a recent reply I received from @Anjeanette_AJ_Robert. Anjeanette works with an organization called Reasons to Believe. If you have not heard of them, I highly recommend you check out their website, podcast and consider following @Fazale_Rana and @Hugh_Ross on Twitter. I believe this organization is the leading Christian organization that is engaging with Science and our worldview.

Here is another post by @Jordan_Thyer where he was kind enough to answer my question. Perhaps he or some of the other experts I have tagged in this post might have read Sapiens and could reply to you.

To sum up my current understanding of the book, I believe that much of the research he has done into human evolution is accurate. I cannot say how much, as I am very much a novice in this area. I have got my head around the age of the earth and the big bang, which I have documented in this post, however, I do not have my head around human evolution. I most definitely do not agree with what Hariri writes about the Christian worldview being a system that simply gets groups of people to do things together. He is coming from a naturalist worldview which I believe is not as reliable as the Christian worldview.

Ravi I believe it was who created the 3-4-5 Grid to analyze a worldview. While naturalism has a somewhat sound answer for the first of the four domains that of origin, it has no answer to the other three meaning, morality and destiny. I also recommend the RZIM Science elective through RZIM Academy to learn more about how Science and our worldview have developed over the ages.