Current state of the University

Just searching for links to articles related to various opinions on the state of academics in the north American university.
Doing research for chapter three of Abdu Murray’s book Saving Truth.
Any leads to articles would be a great help. Thanks!

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@Ivy_Tyson or @Shawn_Hart, do you have any resources you’d recommend? I recall you had a lot of thoughts on this in a recent episode…


@koddig33 I just searched for Sarah’s article you asked about in the other thread with no success. I did find a post from Ravi (four years old) where he discusses his observations of the universities across the world rather than just specifically North America.

You might go to the RZIM site and search for your specific words under the articles section linked below. I’m praying you find some great info!

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Thank you for your time. Very much appreciated!

Thank you for your time, and for asking the hosts of Cover to Corer for the resources that I am looking for. Very much appreciated!

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