Cynthia mcinnis

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Hello! I am a native of New York City, USA who presently resides in Allentown, PA. My husband is the pastor of one church in several locations so we travel often. I connected with RZIM as a result of my admiration for the ministry of Ravi Zacharias and his team and an insatiable desire to learn more about Christian Apologetics. I stayed because I learned more than I ever expected and am made the better for it. I hope to bring the culture of this team to my world and thereby help person after person to experience Christ and ministry on this level. Admittedly, many god-fearing Christians are simply not exposed to certain truths and certain worldviews and my contribution would be to help direct them to it with your help.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

HI @cynthiamcinnis,

Thank you for introducing yourself - this is so encouraging! I hope you’ll become a regular here as we seek to grow in Christ - and be prepared to love others more because of our discussions.

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Welcome @cynthiamcinnis we appreciate you presence. I also appreciate and support your endeavor to help believers grow and deepen their understanding of Christ and to become better and more discerning thinkers.