Cyrel Dongol

Praise the lord( Jayamashi - in Nepalese language) from sydeny, Australia.

I like to join to learn more about Jesus Christ.
I also like to share my opinion and want to get some answers.



Welcome, Cyrel as you get to know God better through this forum.

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Welcome Cyrel, might I say it is good to meet you here sharing with the connect family. Our unique opinion as a child of the king is a valuable asset in sharing profound truth with all.
So look forward to your insight. How are you in this covid climate.


Welcome to Connect!

Welcome Cyrel,

Thank you for joining Connect, we look forward to your opinions and questions. Connect has numerous topics on Jesus and I do hope you join in on these discussion.

To help you get started, here is a link on how to post a question and an overview of connect, I hope these are helpful to you. :tulip:


Welcome aboard @cyreldongol. How is Australia doing? It’s good to have you with us at connect. If answers are what you are looking for I believe this forum will suit you well. The forum is very informal and informative. The discussions are meaningful. I hope that you were able to engage. God-bless you and your journey.