D. Suzanne Ammons

(Deborah Suzanne Ammons) #1

Hello. My name is, Suzanne
I reside in Virginia, USA
I felt led to connect due to the amount of nonsense discussions on anything except the most important things that matter which are on nearly every media as well as in nearly every conversation. I desire TRUTH, & HONESTY. I am attempting to raise grandchildren. As a widow or an individual; these are vital for spiritual growth and the ability to relay it to children.
How do you hope to contribute? Currently I don’t know how to contribute. However, I am in great need of learning. Maybe in passing these truths to my grandchildren I will contribute to the kind of legacy that is solid. That will entice them to seek the Lord & His truth.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Am1nan,

Welcome! I think the conversations here will give you not only the information but the approach to have great spiritual conversations with your grandchildren. It is the spirit of listening, asking questions, treating each person with incredible kindness and respect, and a humble dependence on God in prayer that we hope is the culture of RZIM Connect. I look forward to having you be part of this community!

(Billie Corbett) #3

Wow…welcome Suzanne.
I hear you loud and clear, sister!
I am a mother of 6, step mother of 2, grandmother of 19, and great grandmother of 2.
Of all these prodigy, I have one daughter who has fully embraced Christ in the gospel…along with her spouse and family.
A couple of my grandchildren are walking with God.
While my heart is burdened for the world and community at large to come to Christ…my heart really aches for my children, step children and many grandchildren who are growing up without any knowledge of God or Christ.
My two remaining siblings are wandering far from God…deep in the abyss of wealth and materialism. (Covetness which is Idolatry).
My heart is often very discouraged…because I have been praying for the salvation of my siblings, my children and now grandchildren for decades.
My faith in the living God is treated with contempt and distain. It is hard to live relationally when you are continually condescended to…by those you deeply love.
Nonetheless, I remember Jesus saying… “You ought always to pray and not to faint.” Or the parable of the unjust judge…giving justice to the persistent widow…because she would not give up!
God… I believe! Please, help my unbelief!
God is good! I will trust in Him…even though, I feel such grief at times.

All to say, you have contributed…as you can see…you have touched upon a very tender nerve in my soul!

(Deborah Suzanne Ammons) #4

This is very kind. It’s is also very touching. I will pray for you and for your family. Be blessed, in Jesus name.

(Billie Corbett) #5

Thank you, Deborah Suzanne. (Which name do you go by?)
And I will pray for you and yours!

(Deborah Suzanne Ammons) #6

Suzanne & thank you