I am from Ghana but currently a missionary to the Gambia.

Ravi and RZIM’s impact on my walk with Christ is so significant that I cannot stay away. God is blessing me everyday through Ravi’s ministry and I got the opportunity to study at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, OCCA. RZIM is a family of God’s people and I want to be here.

I would like to contribute in every way that the Holy Spirit would lead me.


Welcome @Daitey. So glad you are here.That’s awesome that you had to be part of the OCCA. Amen to your wishes. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.


Hello @Daitey
welcome to Connect RZIM. Also wishing you all the best and God’s protection as you carry out your missionary work. Blessings !


Hi Daitey,

Welcome to connect and thank you for your service and ministry in our Lord.

Congratuations on your studies and may you continue to study, grow, teach, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Looking forward to see where the Holy Spirit will lead you first.



Thanks CathE,
God bless.

Hi Sabah,

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Sure, I will continue to study, grow, teach and preach Christ Jesus wherever He leads me.

I pray you would continue faithfully in your journey with our Lord Jesus as well.

God’s grace and peace!


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@Danageze I really appreciate it. Thanks so much, Sir.

God’s grace and peace!

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