Dan Brown's writings: truth or fiction?

(Jean-Luc Petit) #1

I remember a colleague reading the Da Vinci code (or one of Dan Brown’s other books) and finding it interesting because of its portrayal of Christianity. The person was Muslim. I haven’t read Dan Brown (I did see the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ a long time ago), and I’m wondering if anyone has done a systematic review of his writings’ claims to non-fiction sources of authority?

(SeanO) #2

I’m not sure about a systematic review, but the following are responses from Francis Chan and N. T. Wright that help put it in perspective and basically point out how silly the historical claims in the Da Vinci Code are - Chan compares it to Spongebob Square Pants - quite hilarious.

A response by preeminent NT scholar N. T. Wright addressing the modern obsession with the gnostic Gospels and how the Da Vinci code plays off of it:


(Arthur Tepichin) #3

Years ago I remember reading all the books by Dan Brown. They are pager turners for sure. Strictly from a historical sense having been able to live in Europe and travel around I was ultimately disappointed with the number of errors and inconsistencies in the da Vinci code.

Richard Abanes Wrote the Truth Behind the da Vinci code which is a quick read.


(Petrina Gomez) #4

Hi Jean-Luc,
I had similar questions about Dan Brown. While this video doesn’t specifically talk about him, Dr.Craig Evans mentions about Dan Brown and his books quite briefly in a certain part of this video. He also discusses what scholars generally think about Dan Brown. A pretty insightful video! Hope it blesses you!