Dana L

Hello, My name is Dana and I am from Michigan. I was introduced to RZIM through Classical Conversations, a Christian homeschooling program. I’ve joined Connect to ask questions and to learn more about apologetics.


Welcome aboard @Liceaga. I am from Michigan as well - East Lansing. Where are you from? Glad to have you connecting with us. I hope this site is something you enjoy but also a place where questions can be addressed and discussed for. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Dana, great to e-meet you! I… know nothing about Michigan, except from US movies (I live in Singapore) :smiley: Welcome to the community!


Hello, Keldon! I live between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, though I’ve become acquainted with East Lansing this week driving my daughter to theater camp at Wharton! Im excited about this community as I’ve been gleaning from Ravi and the RZIM team for about 5 years now…


Thank you, Maryann! I love the international composition of this group!

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Hello, Dana, and welcome to Connect! It’s great to hear of your heart to minister to today’s youth and your kids. Looking forward to learning more from you here. :slight_smile:


Welcome Dana! @Liceaga

We have a few friends that do CC :slight_smile: So neat your group shared the opportunity of joining Connect!
I’m teaching an apologetics class at our co-op this fall- 3-5 graders… should be fun!

I hope you enjoy looking around!