Daniel and what honoring God in a culture that doesn't does and doesn't look like

(Lindsay Brandt) #1

Hello! So I guess I am heating up with questions at the moment as I read through and contemplate different things this morning. I always look to Daniel for help in how to navigate honoring God in a culture and society that doesn’t, because he didn’t use feigned heroics (“I’m a real martyr”) to honor God, but he was humble in how he approached anything he felt was directly contradicting his faith. However, that does not mean Daniel did not participate in that culture. He worked in the palace as a high-ranking palace official! That being said, I can’t imagine that some of what he participated in indirectly participated in cultural practices that were not necessarily God-honoring. So…my question is, in a culture in which homosexual marriage is being presented as normal and okay and being protected by the law, how far do we go in having a hand in that? In other words, was the florist right to refuse to arrange and sell wedding flowers for an engaged homosexual couple? Was the clerk right to refuse to sign a marriage certificate or marriage certificate request (I can’t remember what exactly it was) for a homosexual couple? Or were there other actions or avenues that could have been taken? Are we only participating in the sin if we are the ones marrying the couple? Just by opting to live in a nation where the law is “okaying” homosexual marriage, it could be said that we are indirectly participating in that sin, so where do we draw the line as to what is actually dishonoring God with indirect/direct participation (if that makes sense)? Do you think Daniel could shed any light on how to handle these situations?