Daniel Block


Say hello… Good day or night to Everyone at Connect!

Where are you from? I am a Canadian from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan living in the Dallas, TX area.

What led you to join Connect? I recently signed up for a Church Leaders Conference and was invited to join Connect through the registration process.

How do you hope to contribute? …as a member of the body of Christ (my basketball friends think I’m an “elbow”). In all seriousness, a lot of listening and maybe some talking.

(Sieglinde) #2

Lol, elbow *:smiley: Humor is refreshing. Welcome to Connect @sondaeeranch

(Tim Ramey) #3

Come on Daniel, be yourself. I was a a little disappointed as I thought you would elbow your way into Connect. And in any dialogues, I hope that we agree because you have sharp elbows!

(Lindsay Brandt) #4

Welcome, Daniel! So glad you are here and looking forward to seeing more of your insightful input! How did you like the Church Leaders Conference! I’ve watched two online, and they are always helpful and well done. I really enjoy those and get a lot out of them.

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I’m excited to be a part of this community of believers! I haven’t yet attended the conference, it’s later in May. After years of listening to RZIM podcasts I’m looking forward to sitting directly under RZIM teaching, and more personally being a part of the conversation here on Connect.


LOL. Hopefully my elbows aren’t too sharp! It’s maybe fine on the basketball court, but not so much during discourse :rofl:.

(Donna) #7

Welcome Daniel! Dive in, you will find this forum very refreshing!

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(Daniel Nale) #8

That makes you a Saskatexan. As a fellow Dallasite and a fellow Daniel, welcome.

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Love it! Saskatexan. I’m going to use that! Thanks for the welcome my fellow Daniel :clap:

(David Kilborn) #10

Well, I’m from Saskatoon and still live there. But I’ve been to Texas a couple times! I came here after taking a few of the RZIM courses. Lots of great discussion here, though I mostly just lurk.