Daniel Cappello, Jr

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Hi my name is Daniel and I am a believer in Jesus Christ. 4 years ago in January 2015 he caused me to be born again out of addiction and now I seek to walk in the Light of the Lord as long as I have breath. I love you, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are the true family…

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Welcome aboard Daniel. I, too, am a newbie to RZIM Connect and am looking for ways to continue to grow and mature in faith . Have a great weekend and enjoy worshipping at your church tomorrow!


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Thank you much @adyck . You have a blessed worship service tomorrow as well.

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Welcome to the family, Daniel! Praise the Lord that he has set you free. Always fascinating to read what our great God can do. Here in the forums there are some such testimonies, e.g. from @Catherine. Wish you that you feel God’s great love deep in your heart.

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Welcome @DanielCappello. Thank you for such and endearing introduction :heart: We love you too!

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Thank you for your encouragement @iDan…I pray that God’s love would bless your heart as well …As you put it, His Great Love.

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Thank you as well @sig

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(Heidi Mitchell) #8

Hi Daniel! @DanielCappello

Welcome to Connect. So glad you have found this freedom- what a blessing to now walk in the light.

Thanks so much for joining us :relaxed:

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@DanielCappello we would like to welcome you here and say thank you for sharing your deliverance with us. Glory to God! Let’s agree right now that Jesus is so precious and powerful. Only He can satisfy in a way that lasts and brings fulfillment. Abba, Father, We give you our whole lives, hoping to bring courage and encouragement to anyone struggling or suffering in addiction even in this very discussion. Thank you Daniel for being here to remind us that we are all part of His Family!! Continue to adhere to the blessings of our Lord. Would love to here more about how God has moved in your life.

(Daniel Cappello) #10

Thank you so much… That was awesome. Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit belong ALL THE GLORY. Amen to that. It’s amazing how God, being so high and lifted up, humbled himself for us and became blood and bones and flesh, walked on the corrupted Earth and hung on a cross for us… What an image for our souls to attain to… Bless you @Catherine.

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