Hello RZIM

I live and work in London Ontario Canada

I joined RZIM connect because I am interested in making the biggest global footprint of God in His world. I choose you all to help me do that. More importantly I need your help and guidance with that.

How do you hope to contribute?


@Danorrt Nice to meet you!

God bless you, welcome! Prayer makes the biggest impact I’ve found! Though we live by faith and don’t often get to see the answers. What I mean by that is the small things get answered right away, but the bigger things take time!
Blessings to you and yours! Angela


Welcome Daniel, I appreciate your zeal to make in impact for Christ. Let’s us all work to gather for His common good with the talents He has supplied. I feel Christ chose His Disciples because they were teachable. Thanks for joining the forum.


Welcome aboard @Danorrt. It is good to have you join in connect from Canada. Also your goal of reaching the world is awesome. I hope that your engagement with the members here will be a blessing to you. Please edify and encourage members here to the best of your ability. That will help perpetuate this forum. Many will be blessed because you have taken the time to care. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect Daniel! Yes, let us all help each other to make the biggest global footprint for God. I love your attitude! May the Spirit guide us in how to go about that. We can do wonders with God’s power and strength. :smile:


Hi Daniel @Danorrt and welcome to RZIM Connect. I am glad to meet you. And I can feel your heart beat as I read your words. Let’s begin by checking the things that is quite urgent and browse about them in the community, then Share a question or testimony With us and join the conversation that interest you any time. Do so with gentleness and respected. I am looking forward to seeing you impacting the footprints of God everywhere.
Remain blessed