Daniela Torero

I’m from Perú. Interested about learning more from the Bible. I hope I bring good questions.


Hi @dtorero,

Welcome! We love questions and the people who ask them! You might consider #Apologetica-espanol if you prefer Spanish, though we will be delighted to have you involved in the English speaking forums as well!


Daniella, may I extend a warm welcome to the family of RZIM Connect. It is great to have you join and engage with us in our search in the way, truth, and life. Hope you enjoy and grow in your knowledge to help you as well as us with your Q&A. Be safe out there and may He shine upon you.

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Welcome aboard @dtorero. Thanks for joining our ranks from Peru. I encourage you to get involved as much as you are able. This is a good time and there are so many good discussions being had. Are there any questions that have been on your heart lately? Please do share. God-bless you and your journey.