Danny Thomas

(Daniel Thomas) #1

Hello Everyone,
My name is Danny Thomas (if you know who Danny Thomas is, welcome to my generation :)) and I work at Crossroads Church of Dunwoody and act as the Director of K-12 at Crossroads Christian Academy in Dunwoody Georgia. I love watching Ravi Zacharias on YouTube so I thought I would join this organization and see if I can meet more like minded Christians.

(SeanO) #2

@danny.thomas914 Welcome to Connect! Glad you have joined us and may the Lord Jesus richly bless both your ministry and your time here on the forms.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @danny.thomas914! We’re glad you’ve joined our community here on Connect! Also, as a native Memphian, I recognised your name immediately. The other Danny Thomas did such a great work in building St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital there, and one of our main roads was named after him. So seeing that name reminds me a bit of home. :slight_smile: When you say you’re the Director of K-12, is that academic administration? Are you overseeing the curriculum or student life?

(Daniel Thomas) #4

We are a very small Academy so I am basically the only administrator. I hire and manage the teachers, select the curriculum, provide guidance to the students (my favorite job), and work with parents for all school activities. It is an interesting change in job style for me as I just retired from a 36 year career in the Wireless and VoIP industry. It is a big change going from managing hundreds of employees worldwide to working with a few teachers and students. Steep learning curve, but very fun and fulfilling.

(Kathleen) #5

I had the privilege of working at a primary school for 6 years, and I loved the atmosphere! I was in administration of sorts: I ran the after school and summer programs, so I was able to see what it takes to run an operation of that sort from all angles. And you’re right…challenging, but fun and fulfilling!