Darryl - comatose

Hello there,

I am currently in Ottawa, ON, Canada. My story is as follows,

I’m a Catholic man who fell in a coma in 2005. I was never supposed to survive as more than 80% of my brain died and I had more than 40% of loss of blood.

I woke up after 21 days to be diagnosed a quadriplegic. I’m completely recovered now.

While comatose, I had a vision full of love. This vision lasted a whole year and I remember it well. Doctors have been unable to explain this, in fact they deny it could happen.

I’ve spoken with priests, pastors, bishops and they say that God came to me. I agree with this but I also know there is so much more to what I experienced.

I have watched Ravi Zacharias videos and feel he could help. I have questions which no man of faith can answer.

I feel like I can start a revolution of faith if I was heard. I want everyone to know what I know because what I know is true. God revealed it to me.

Can you help?


Hi @dseq10! So encouraged by your story. What an amazing testimony. I pray you take every opportunity to share the Gospel with as many people as you can!

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Welcome Daryl,
Beautiful story of Gods goodness. It’s for sure God has plans for you, thanks for sharing I would like to hear more when you have the time.
Take care

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Hey Mike,
What exactly would you like to know? I have many stories where God came into my life. I can’t tell you why though. If only I knew,

Just whatever you would like I know it will encourage others also

Three things are essential to true success.
First one has to overcome the resistance that stands before accomplishing a task. It is always easier to delay but this will only lead to temporary gratification. If you take the effort to start on the task at hand, you may find it difficult at first but as you keep pushing through, you will realize that it was easy in the first place.
Next you need to have belief in God. Tell God what task lays before you and ask Him to help in any way He can. God works in mysterious ways. I know this for a fact.
The final step is believing in oneself. You can overcome resistance and ask God to help you but if you don’t believe that you can help yourself, you never will achieve your goal.
So overcome resistance, believe in God and believe in yourself.