Darryl Cross

Hi Team, great to be on this Forum.

I’m from Adelaide which is the capital of South Australia.

Having completed the RZIM Summer School in Oxford in July 2019, it was an amazing experience with such scholarly, comprehensive presentations along with biblical teaching that made it a truly a wonderful week. My head was spinning with all the input and material presented, but it gave me a world perspective about what’s happening on our planet as well as the gospel message of hope particularly in relation to both forgiveness and loving your neighbour as yourself.

I’m not sure right now how I might contribute and am waiting on God to continue to show me direction. However, as a first step, I wrote a reflection paper to help me get all my thoughts together from the week in Oxford. That article now only helped me clarify my thoughts, but has been an invaluable tool to give to others who have asked what Oxford was all about.


Hello, Darryll, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great too hear the Summer School program was beneficial in your walk with the Lord, and I’m excited to read more of your posts here in the forum.


G’day mate, welcome to Connect. I would love to go to Oxford someday, as you did. I am looking forward to learning with you.


Thanks Brian. It certainly was extremely worthwhile. I hadn’t expected the depth and scholarly exegesis of the Bible, world events and how it all could unfold in the future. If you can get to Oxford at any time, it is well worth the trip.


Thanks Brittany. It’s very good of you to make contact.