(Darryl Moss) #1

Hello everyone!

I’m from India. I did the course in apologetics in Chennai a few years ago. Since then I’ve moved to the Netherlands with my family.

I’m subscribed to almost all RZIM Podcasts and listen to them when I bike to work and back, and when I walk my dog!

While listening to an episode from Ask Away I heard about this Connect site and so here I am.

I have been involved in personal evangelism and coming to new country and culture, and language, I face some challenges. So I hope to be able to share some and learn some from this group!

As I have busy work days I might not be able to participate as much as I would like to :frowning: but will do my best…

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Darryl. :smiley: We are excited to have you join this community of fellow believers seeking to become more like Christ each day. I haven’t moved out of the country, but I also find Connect as a blessing of knowing there is a community of fully committed believers, no matter where I move in the future. I hope you have a similar experience here. What are some of the challenges you have faced in your move, and how have you seen God be faithful?

(Darryl Moss) #3

Thanks @Brittany_Bowman1!
The biggest challenge I am facing is that since moving here I have seen my children move away from the Lord, and my wife wants a separation! Its a difficult time for me and my health is affected. However, it is a time of drawing closer to the Lord and learning to trust Him despite everything falling apart around me. God is faithful and I feel that I need to be more aggressive in claiming scriptures and believing them in spite of the outward appearances around me, work place including! It is shocking to see the attitudes of people here towards Christians. The spiritual warfare is almost tangible!
I am thankful for my Church though who are fighting for me in prayer!

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1Cor 10:13

(Heidi Mitchell) #4

Hi Darryl! @Pilgrim

Thankful @Brittany_Bowman1 asked these questions to help us know some of your story.
I appreciate you sharing with us- I can only imagine the trials you are facing- new country, children and wife distancing themselves. So sorry to hear this- but, I am deeply encouraged by the verse you quoted in 1Cor.

Such hope there.

Along with strength and a knowing that He will see you through this season- however long or short.

Praying for you today, that you would continue to be edified by those Believing friends around you, that you would be steadfast in your workplace, and God would reveal how He is redeeming these painful experiences for good.

Be blessed, Darryl. Thanks so much for joining us!

(Daniel) #5

Hello Darryl, welcome to Connect. I am glad that you joined. I appreciate your openness very much and that you have taken us into your situation. I can sympathize with how you feel and will pray for you. Be sure you are not alone in this situation. It is good that your church supports you in prayer and here at Connect there are also people who pray for you. Recently I read the introductions of @animatedmarketing and @Nitz. They are in a similar situation. God’s blessing for your family and for your health. Stay close to the Lord!