Dave from AZ

Say hello… Hello.

Where are you from? Arizona (USA)

What led you to join Connect? completed Foundations course… love RZIM

How do you hope to contribute? as a listener at the start.


Hi Dave @dtkerns, So glad to have you joining us on connect. I love hearing your willingness to begin by listening: you have been paying attention in the Academy! It is a wise posture in which to enter any culture, community, or conversation. That said, please chime in when you are ready! This community will be richer for having you in it. Welcome to Connect!


Hi @dtkerns, it’s wonderful to meet you. Congratulations on completing the course. Take your time. Enjoy browsing through this forum. Engage when you feel led to :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @dtkerns. Thank you for choosing to come alongside us. Where are you from in Arizona? I will be in your beautiful state on the 16th of November. Where was be spending about 5 weeks of the last 8 weeks of the year in the Chandler area. So glad that you were able to complete the core module. Congratulations! Please do share the fundamentals that you have learned with those who ask questions here. God-bless you and your journey.

thank you (all) for the warm welcome.
Tucson… a couple hours south of Chandler

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