Dave: What up!?

Hey everybody this is Dave just Just wanted to say what’s up From Stephens City Virginia. Just finished taking the core module and was invited to join connect. I hope to meet a bunch of people that can help me grow in my faith, and answer questions as they come up. You help me answer my questions and I will help you answer your questions to the best of my ability. I I hope you have a great evening and I look forward to speaking with you soon .



Welcome! Im new too, lets learn together here!:+1:


Welcome @taradave1, it’s nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations on completing the course. I trust you will find much to glean from here in the conversations. Engage when you are able, offering your insight into the conversations :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @taradave1. Good to have you joining us. I hope you enjoyed the core module. Having Academy alum join our ranks is a definite blessing. Thank you for committing to help those understand some of the fundamentals that you were able to learn by taking the course. I believe also that you will be blessed by continuing to learn through reading the threads and connecting with fellow apologists. God-bless your time here and your journey.

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Kel- Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to interacting with you and the connect community.

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Sig- Nice to meet you too! Core was awesome. Thanks for the welcome.



I think we were in core together. Congrats on completing Core Module! I look forward to learning with you.