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My name is David Drummonds. I live in the Appalachian Mountain region of North Carolina.
I’m largely unfamiliar with RZIM, but in the last 24 hours since my introduction I’ve spent probably 3 of my free hours listening, reading, and browsing content. I’m so glad this ministry exists and I’ve already been blessed by it.
I serve as deacon at a local church and I teach college/young adult Sunday School. I’ve always been interested in apologetics and the works of C.S. Lewis, but I love to hear other Bible teachers and grow in instruction.
I’m excited to post and comment with others whose goal is to grow their love for Christ and grow in spiritual maturity.


@David_D Nice to meet you!

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Hi @David_D, Welcome to Connect! I am a CS Lewis fan as well—his work has inspired me over the years and been really influential in my thinking and formation.

I am so pleased to hear that you came across RZIM recently and have already found it fruitful in your life. That is our goal here: for those who interact in our conversations here to be edified, challenged, formed, and equipped for the ministry in which God has embedded them in their daily lives. I hope you will enjoy exploring, listening in on conversations, asking your own questions, and contributing thoughtful and prayerful responses to others.

To get off on the right foot, I’d suggest reading through A Checklist For A Good Response —while not every post will entail all of these ideals, this can help you constructively think through your contributions so you can post with confidence, knowing you are in step with the spirit of this community!

So pleased to have your voice joining these conversations, David. Thanks for taking time to Connect!


Hello David, this is your neighbor just up the range in WV. So good to have you join this wonderful forum. As you have found there is a plethora of questions and answers to research.
Along with our own questions to ask.


Hi @David_D, welcome to connect. Thank you for such an inspiring introduction :pray:t3: Glad you came RZIM and I trust you will continue to be blessed. Enjoy browsing through the conversations here. Feel free to share your thoughts and insight :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome !!!
So glad God guided to RZIM
I first heard Ravi at a summer conference in 1984 and have always loved learning from his teachings! Hope your time here is a great experience and strengthens your walk as you go on this journey!



Welcome David!! So happy to hear that you’ve discovered RZIM!! I have spent countless hours learning from Ravi and his team of brilliant and anointed brothers and sisters in Christ!! There is so much to learn, and in my humble opinion, RZIM is the cream of the crop in material and it’s presentation/delivery! I personally teach a class at my church that I call “Tactical Evangelism.” I steered clear of using “apologetics” in the name I chose for the class because I’ve come to learn that most people are intimidated by that term. I then teach on exactly what apologetics means and consists of, then we take it from there.
The response has been tremendous, praise God! There is such a HUNGER for truth!! For MEANING! Now that we can finally answer the big hard questions that we’ve all thought about and struggled with, there is so much passion and really an awakening I’m seeing. People are actively sharing the gospel with confidence and coming back to class each week with new questions they’ve encountered. What an exciting time we’re in now!! As you can see, I get all pumped any chance I get to talk about these things!! All glory to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!!! God bless you in your ministry!! I strongly encourage you to keep exploring all that RZIM has to offer!!
Last little note…I’m a musician, I LOVE to worship while I drive!! HOWEVER, since I was lead into my ministry, teaching this class, and was exposed to RZIM content, I now listen exclusively to the messages, sermons, debates, and podcasts by the RZIM team when I’m driving!! Its been about a year now, I’d say! I can’t get enough!! :smiley: Blessing brother!

Love in Christ!


You are most welcome David @David_D I love your spirit and passion. RZIM IS A well of resources for all of us. Keep exploring and engaging with RZIM. Don’t forget to join the conversations. Congratulations
More Grace
From Nigeria


Welcome David, @David_D

I am thankful you have been blessed by the content in Connect.

I myself, will be on connect and read a post, that leads to an informative article, :newspaper: that directs me to a video, and I look up at the clock :mantelpiece_clock: and two hrs have passed.

Praise God for your calling to teach college/young adult Sunday School, that is such a fabulous age.

I noticed this statement in your introduction, and may I humbly suggest two timely resources.
:star:The first would be a great study for your Sunday School class,

Everyday Questions Starter Kit - By: Drew McNeil, Carson Weitnauer, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Everyday Questions Starter Kit

By: Drew McNeil, Carson Weitnauer, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

It also comes in a digital version


Everyday Questions

Life’s biggest questions are being asked all around you. Are you hearing the questions? Are you ready for the conversation?

:star:The second resource is for personal growth,
RZIM has an online academy, here is a link, and an intro video to more information regarding this resource.


Please continue to browse connect and enjoy growing in the knowledge of the Lord! :tulip: