David in Del Norte


My name is David Wesley, I live in south central Colorado, near a little town called Del Norte

I have always appreciated Ravi’s messages and wish to learn more about the Bible and living the abundant life.

I want to encourage, spread hope and hold up a light in the darkness of this world. I have a family of (5) Ages 10-20. My wife and I have been married 22 years. We are Christians and want to grow in grace and knowledge of our lord.


@David1 Welcome to RZIM Connect! My family hails from small towns in Lebanon, NH (mother) and Perkasie, PA (father). Congratulations on your family, too. I share your opinion about Ravi’s messages and am attracted to RZIM for that reason. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hello to one and all David, it is great to meet you and share together. Our great love for Jesus calls us to share and be prepared in doing so. So glad you are here, has covid 19 created any problems for your loved ones or those in your area. May his peace dispelled all fear and doubt.

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Helloo David :blush: :blush:
Welcome to RZIM connect :heart_eyes:

Hi David, welcome we are so glad you can be part of our family.

Hello David,

Welcome, it is great to “meet” you! I live in Canon City, CO, so we’re virtually neighbors! Look forward to getting to know you better here on RZIM Connect. Have a great day!



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Welcome aboard @David1. Glad to have you joining us from Colorado. Thank you for your interests and your dedicated heart. We appreciate you coming alongside us and helping. God-bless your family and your journey.

Hi @David1, it’s great to have you here, welcome :pray:t3:

I love this, thank you for your heart :heart: I pray the Lord will bless you, wife and family as you seek to “grow in grace and knowledge.” :pray:t3:
Take care and enjoy browsing through the conversations here :slightly_smiling_face:

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@David1 Nice to meet you!

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