David - introduction

Looking to make a positive contribution and learn something as well!


Hello David, great to have you here. I trust that you’ll find what your looking for in terms of answers to specific questions and an overall great atmosphere for civil dialogue. It’s a huge community and I’m yet to have or see an answer asked that hasn’t been either appropriately referenced, or answered directly.
Hope to hear more from you


Nice to meet you David!

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Hello David. Welcome to Connect - as you have probably already seen, people from all over the world are represented here. What country are you from? I’m sure you can learn a lot here and I’m looking forward to your contributions.


Welcome @Rzimfollower!

Welcome David, great to have you join us.



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Hello David, welcome to Connect!! I am sure you will find this place exciting.

Welcome aboard @Rzimfollower. Great to have you with us. What led you to join up with connect? I hope the forum as a blessing to you. God-bless you and your journey.