David Strickland

Hello RZIM Connect,

Where are you from? Columbus, Ohio

What led you to join Connect? I completed the RZIM core classes. A friend introduced me to RZIM and I’m grateful he did!

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to share my experiences and encourage others.


Hi David!,

I’m so happy to see you here in Connect. I am also an alumni and isn’t it great that we can further our learning and sharing through this platform? I hope and pray that you will find this helpful and encouraging for you as I do. I know you are also excited to share about your learning from the academy and so many people are coming here wanting to know about you also can say about topics posted. God bless you brother and hope to see you more in the forums!

Your sister in Christ,


Thank you for the warm welcome Hannah!

God bless you!


Hi @david.l.strickland, welcome to connect, it’s wonderful to have you here. What a great friend you have to introduce you to RZIM! Congratulations on completing the core module! Wasn’t it a real eye-opener? If you don’t mind sharing your most profound lesson in the course, I would love to know :slightly_smiling_face: Enjoy your time here and connect and take care :heart:


Welcome, David! Looking forward to your input, sharing and participation in the forums.


Welcome aboard @david.l.strickland. It is good to have you joining us. Having Academy alumni come alongside us is a true blessing. The information and tenets that you have gathered from the core module will be a great blessing to members as you share your knowledge and experiences. Please do encourage another member that it may be just joining or struggling with an issue. Your contribution will be a blessing in their lives as well as to this forum. God-bless you and your journey.