Hola! I reside in Maryland. I am looking to further my Christ walk !!


@Mambolera Nice to meet you!

Hi Dawn, welcome to a wonderful family. So glad you joined Rzim, a place to grow, learn, help. As you can share whatever you are sharing. We all are here to glean truth and life.

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Welcome Ms.Dawn and hola to you!

This is certainly a supportive and encouraging community furthering our walk in Christ. It’s wonderful that your now a part of it.



Bienvenido, @Mambolera - Maryland, huh? Wow, I’m just down the road from you! Well, okay, the Interstate, I-95. And it’s about 600 miles. But on RZIM Connect, just a few clicks away! Glad to meet you!


Welcome aboard @Mambolera. So glad to have you connecting with us here. I think that your Christian path will be enhanced with your engagement here. The members are very well read and will come alongside you as you desire. I wish you the best and hope that you engage frequently. God-bless you and your journey.


Congratulations :tada:
God bless you :pray:

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Welcome Dawn :cherry_blossom:

Do you live close to Germantown, I have a few friends that live there?

What a fabulous reason to join connect, there are many forums where you can ask questions as well as promote healthy dialogue.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with this site and happy posting :tulip:

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