Dealing with Suspicion

Hi all
I’m currently in a situation where I feel that one of the members of my team might have committed a certain sin (won’t get into what), but I could be misinterpreting things. This suspicion has been constantly playing out in my head, where I keep asking what happened, and I feel a strong need to know what happened. It’s suspicion on a sexual sin, but I’m scared to even ask the person (a woman) I suspect what happened.

What should I do? It keeps bothering me


@AlphaOmega, I know this dilemma is grieving you and I’m glad you reached out to RZIM Connect.

It’s an especially tricky situation because an unfounded accusation can be detrimental to a person’s faith walk.

You are right not to ignore the feelings, but I would recommend that you not rely on your feelings. Seek in prayer for the Spirit to guide you, and for the Spirit to guide this woman to repent IF she has committed the sin you fear.

Are you in a position of leadership in the “team”?

@AlphaOmega. If I read your post correctly, it seems your team mate has done something that does not involve you directly, but somehow has come to your attention, apparently by hearsay. It sounds like you don’t have all the facts of the circumstance, therefore to approach her about something you suspect could be harmful to your relationship with her and to the team at large if your suspicion is unfounded.

If you do approach her and your suspicion proves to be correct, have you thought about how you will follow this through? What result do you hope for?

Since you acknowledge that you may be misinterpreting the situation, and that you have only a suspicion, I would recommend that you not act on your suspicion or feelings. Wait for God to make matters clear. He has a way of bringing hidden things into the open. If sin is involved, scripture assures that it has a way of finding us out (Numbers 32:23).

Seek the Lord for wisdom and He will direct you.

@dennis.gladden @Jennifer_Judson
Thank you so much. I’ve been praying that God would guide me on this issue, and I trust that He will be the one to provide answers. It’s not that my suspicions are unfounded, it’s just that I swear I heard the act being committed on the night it happened.

No, I am not in position of the leadership. I’ve trusted the situation with the leader, but to be honest, I think God has this nipped in the bud. I’ve seen things where (in my opinion) he has confirmed my suspicions (though I need more evidence). And at times, He’s given me a sense of peace whenever I’ve trusted Him (via prayer) with this situation. Of course, I want Him to have control, not me. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing good in my flesh. But again, I trust He will provide, in His perfect timing, so I’ll keep praying.

Pray for me in this time to just further rest in God, and that He’ll give me what I need.

Praying for you now. Peace be with you.

Hello all

When sin is being exposed to believers, what does scripture say about that. The reason why i say this is because I’ve remembered reading Leviticus and how there is mention of a woman having sickness after going through a ritual that exposed her of having cheated on her husband. I understand that this is Old Testament stuff, and that it’s something that doesn’t necessarily apply to us, but does Scripture say anything about this in the New Testament? Please help. I really want to discern whether what I heard actually happened that time.