Dean Billigmeier

I come from a broken home. I was first introduced to Jesus in a Luthern kindergarten during Easter week and was so hurt by what they did to Him that when I got home I buried my favorite truck as a gift to Him. It would not be until high school as I listed to Billy Graham for several months at night that I came to the Lord Riverdale Baptist in Maryland.

I grew up in Greenbelt and Berwyn Maryland, went to Lynchburg Baptist College (now Liberty U), joined the US Navy Submarine Service, married my first mate (got ya :slight_smile: and still going strong 45 years later after 3 girls & 6 boys. I now live near Frederick MD and attend Victory Baptist Church. I serve in the Civil Air Patrol and plan to qualify for the Chaplain Corps when my current assignment is up.

We listen to RZIM on WAVA every Sunday morning on the way to church and today I heard them mention CONNECT, so hear I am!

As I gain insights from the community I will offer thoughts, ideas, and hopefully wisdom in the areas of life God has worked in me…
2Co_1:4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

As a squadron commander of over 70 people, I face many challenges. I hope to bounce ideas off others and offer my experience in hopes of improving how I model Christ and share Him within the confines placed upon my position, while at the same time providing character training that the Chaplain normally does. I am thankful for and look forward to where God takes this new aspect of the RZIM ministry!


Welcome to RZIM Connect @billigmd


Welcome to the connect @billigmd! I’m looking forward to reading the posts you put forth! Feel free to join in on conversations as you feel led.
Thank you for your service!

God bless you and your efforts on this journey!


Welcome to connect @billigmd. Thank you for coming alongside us. Thank you also for sharing some of your family detail. That’s a lot of kids. I’ll bet your table is full at Thanksgiving. So glad you heard about connect and can help here. Your experiences and care will be a blessing to connect. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to RZIM Connect @billigmd!

I love the way you put that. Thank you for your encouragement on what we are called to do: modeling Christ and sharing Him. I am learning more and more that Christianity is not a group of performers that put Christ on display; rather, Christianity is the miraculous work which points any and every onlooker to our LORD and our GOD Himself, the Light that far surpasses the light holders.

Thank you for your heart to encourage and grow with other brothers and sisters who long for the same thing, deep relationships with Jesus Christ. Looking forward to your participation.


Warm welcome! Praise God! I loved your gift of the best truck to Jesus! May He bless and encourage you with our dear brothers ans sisters in these pages!
Love in our lovely Jesus,
Angela WG