Deborah Pinnell

Hello everyone.
I am from Georgia
My prayer is that through this upcoming event I can get back to where I felt connected to my Savior. Five years ago on May 24th I lost my first born son and I haven’t felt on fire since. I have adapted to life without my son but I feel like I am just dialing it in and not fully engaged in any ministry. I knew I needed time to heal but I am also feeling that now is tone to get back to sharing my heart for Jesus with so many that are in my path. For five years on May 24th I have wept and isolated and just felt the weight of grief. This year I am going to be in Atlanta with some of you trying to see where to go from here and how to get there. I am praying that I will make it there. Some things are coming up and there is some questions as to if I will be free to go. Pray that if I am supposed to be there that God will move the roadblocks and His Will will be done.


Hi @dpinnell5,

I and the RZIM team will be and are praying for you. I do hope you will be able to come and fully participate. Come and talk with the team. We want to pray with you and give you a space to experience God’s love for you in a fresh way.


@dpinnell5 I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I have observed the type of grief your are sharing in my sister who lost her only daughter 9/4/2015. I am thankful you are connecting and I pray you will continue to heal. Your heart must be so broken.
Much Love *:heart:


Deborah, my heart breaks realizing the loss of your son. I was paralyzed 20 years ago and in a state wherein I don’t remember anything for a month. When I came to and learned that I was paralyzed from the chest down, there rose up in me such gratitude that I had my wife and my healthy 7 children still. So to lose a spouse or child would be devastating.

Consider joining our group. We have 2 threads. One, where we learn a chapter of the Bible 2 verses/week. Scripture memorized feeds your soul.

The other thread is one where we list prayer request every week and pray for each other. I have listed the same requests for my children every week. We could pray for your broken heart until it is mended. Check this out How and Why to Memorize Scripture

I’m so sorry for your loss. Keep in mind Deborah, this is not said callously, but the pain you are going through Jesus will redeem to have another sufferer helped by you because they know you understand what it feels like losing a child. It is pain but because of it, you will be a blessing for the glory of the Lord.


Hello, Deborah. First, I want to say that my heart goes out to you. Like others, I have witnessed that pain in our family and very recently. Words are not sufficient to describe it. I’m so very sorry that you had to and are going through that. I am glad you are here and will be praying for your healing.


Deborah, thank you so much for your openness. There is power in testimony. I pray for you to know Gods love with the intimacy you once felt and I know that he will move all obstacles for you.


Amen Stuart! Thanks for blessing our sister!

My heart aches and goes out to you, Deborah
May God refill your cup and may dear ones be close by to lift your spirit and tenderly love you! Let Him be your ever present strength. Your story has touched my heart
Being so far away I still wish I could invite you for a walk and chat and be a listing ear
I prayed for you

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Oh, Deborah. That is painful. I appreciate your attitude and desire for fire. I am praying.

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The LORD loves you. He is faithful, kind, and gracious. We are weak; He is our strength.

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Welcome to amazing platform. Sorry for your loss, its really tough and only who suffers can understand this pain. I pray, may Lord bless you and answers your question through His grace and love.


Dear Deborah So sorry to hear about the loss of your firstborn. The loss of one’s child–any child–devastates a parent to a degree they could not fathom before. It’s like a piece of your heart has been ripped out. I almost lost my six year old son when he fell off of a river bank while we were fishing. About 40 feet downstream, all I could see was his little face upturned underneath the surface of the dirty water. Instantly my thoughts turned to losing him–how I would feel. I dropped my pole and ran those 40 feet in what felt like two steps, jumped in, and lifted him up onto the bank grateful to find he was okay. Abraham knew that feeling, when he almost sacrificed his son Isaac. And you know that the Father knew that feeling when he did sacrifice his little lamb, our Lord Jesus. So you know that God feels your pain. He knows it and did it for you and your firstborn. You will see your son again because of it. And I pray and trust that you discover soon how to find that fire again.


Dear Deborah,
I am from Switzerland and I will pray for you. May you find yourself very close to Jesus again. May your desire of your heart be overwhelmingly fullfilled with joy and peace. I know life is sometimes really cruel to us. God bless you