Deborah Shipley

Hello, I’m Debbie. I live in the United States. I’m not very good with all this computer stuff but, I love the Lord and realize that the way I’ve been sharing the Gospel is a little outdated. I hope to learn and hopefully help others as we live to tell.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Hi @dshipley, it’s so nice to have you here, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I had that realization a few years back myself. I trust you will find connect easy to navigate through and you will soon feel comfortable with it. Here is a link to help you out
There is much to browse through and glean from. I pray the Lord will bless your desire to learn, grow and share with others :pray:
Take care and enjoy your time here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Debbie and welcome, from your WV neighbor. We may have something in common[quote=“dshipley, post:1, topic:29001”]
I’m not very good with all this computer stuff
I love the Lord as well, His Gospel has not changed but people change. Just In my 29 years as a believer the knowledge increase has impacted the unbeliever as well. Blessings in Christ as we learn and grow.


Dear Ms. Debbie,

And it is wonderful to meet you!

I am also not all that great with computers either, but this is a wonderful community and everyone is very willing… well eager to help out! Do not hesitate to ask if you are having trouble with anything !

Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit, through fragile vessels like ourselves; transmitted the Gospel of our Lord through millions and millions of people all across the world… without the aid of a computer …or a telephone for that matter. Now we have this all reaching technology, but it pales in comparison to the Word and our Father’s outreach, and His Son, the shepherd who never leaves one of His sheep alone.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Blessings, ~Sanah~


@dshipley Nice to meet you!

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Hello, Debbie – so you’re in the United States? Well then, that makes us neighbors! I love that line – “we live to tell” – may you find great fulfillment doing exactly that during your journey with RZIM Connect!


Hi Debbie and welcome. I am glad to meet another person who is not that good with computer stuff :smiley:. I hope that you enjoy interacting with the Connect family and I am sure, like myself, you will find viewing and being part of the discussions a great way to continue to grow through our Christ following journeys.

God bless


Welcome aboard @dshipley. It’s good to have you here. Just continue to engage and the computer familiarity will come. God-bless you and your journey.

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