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Hi, Everyone: I am from Columbus Ohio and just finished the CORE classes in May of this year. I have been listening to Ravi for a long time and just decided I wanted to be able to carry on a conversation at his level with students. I teach general education ethics at a small private professional college and find the student body to be so lost. I can get away with “Christian” discussions because its just another ethical perspective! This gives me great ability to witness, but I needed to really learn how to connect. I am also an attorney, (which is why I love Abdu Murray so much!) and I have a tendency to waterboard people with Jesus. I confess my desire to be a part of this is a bit selfish in that I have things I still need and want to learn. Having conversations with members of this team and group will help me hone my skills when it comes to witnessing. I don’t know what I can actually contribute, but am happy to assist in anything needed.
Thanks, D2

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Hey Debra! @dldunkerley
Welcome to Connect. Your work in education sounds like a great opportunity to speak truth into your adult students…even if they simply view it as another ethical conversation :wink:
I’m sure you feel for the student body as a whole- and this community will help you hone those skills in apologetics. I’m sure I will forever be honing my knowledge and understanding of the Bible!
There are other attorneys in this group, as well, and I’m sure you will find a kinship with them. Abdu is great!
Be blessed as you explore this group and the many great topics :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Connect, Debra. Reading your post allowed me to hear such a genuine openness and desire to follow Christ. :heart: Praise the Lord for your heart to shine His light in your students’ lives. I took a class in rhetorical traditions in college, where the professor was deliberate in bringing in comparisons of truth v. Truth over the centuries. I remember being so frustrated in not knowing how to know Truth because it felt so subjective at that time in my life and my professor deliberately (and cleverly) left it as a cliff-hanger at the end of the course. That pebble in my shoe stuck with me years later when I got more into apologetics and my heart was more ready to listen. Hope that’s an encouragement- even if you don’t see immediate fruit in your students’ lives, they’re listening much more than you think! (John 4:37)

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Welcome aboard @dldunkerley. Glad to have another attorney amongst us. How did you like the core module? Favorite part? God-bless you and your journey.

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HI, Brittany. Thanks for the encouragement! I am curious about the rhetorical traditions class you took. Did you have a book for that class? I am using Summit Ministries Understanding the Times worldviews book as the foundation, but only touching on the ethical perspectives of each worldview. I would love to explore the truth v Truth concept. If you remember or have any resources on that, can you let me know. I will do some digging, too. Thanks for the idea!

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That’s a good question- we did have a book but I can’t remember the title. If I find the syllabus, I will send it to you. The professor used the book mostly for reading (it was just a compilation of historical writing) and added in his own commentary through the lectures.

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Thanks, Keldon. Core was great all around. The most difficult is not being able to take notes fast enough and having to constantly stop the video and replay! How about you? God Bless you as well. Thanks, D2

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I loved the Core module. The discussions and connections with those there were awesome. I was so impressed that I have taken every elective. They are so well done and I learn so much. You planning on any electives. Why suffering is great as is the Bible elective. Thanks for following up with me. God bless.

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I love hearing about your desire to impact students for Christ. May the Lord continue to give more opportunities to have genuine conversations with students and love on them with truth. By the way, I also love listening to Abdu Murray. Have a blessed one!