Say hello…
Where are you from?
born in Canada sojourning in the UK
What led you to join Connect?
my faith
How do you hope to contribute?
helping others to understand the bible as it relates to Jesus.


Hey @Debralina great you’re here! Are you sojourning in the UK long term? I’m in Devon :grinning:. I hope you grow in your understanding of the Bible so you can help others more. Blessings, Alison.

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Hi Deborah, welcome to the connect family. Love the cute picture it’s beautiful. Please feel the warmth and kindness here that picture conveys to me? Our knowledge, understanding of Jesus is a great journey that will take truly an eternity to fully grasp. May we be blessed as we learn together.

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Welcome aboard @Debralina. How are you faring in Canada with this pandemic? I hope you are doing fine and we are very glad that you have joined connect. The discussions and in depth conversations are very good and I hope you are edifies. God-bless you and your journey.