Deep Varghese

Greeting brothers and sisters in the Lord from Deep

Where are you from? I am from Kerala, India but have hardly lived there. Currently in Virginia

I have been postponing this for sometime but with the recent news about Ravi, I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to Ravi and for this ministry as how it has helped me in my walk in the Lord. The genuinity of the people in this community and their sincere answers is truly worth praising God. Yes, we continue to pray for his healing. I have enjoyed so many of the videos and podcasts/mp3 and they have been instrumental in bring me/family closer to our Lord. Also, thank you for setting up different courses to encourage and strengthen us in our walk.

I hope that all that I learn and understand can be effectively passed on to the next generation


Welcome @deepnv. I’m very glad that Ravi’s ministry has brought you closer to our Lord. Yes, let us pray together for healing and pass on the good news to the next generation.

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