Defense Rests- Interview with Greg Koukl part 1

In this week’s podcast Abdu hosts his first guest, Greg Koukl, Founder of Stand To Reason ministries, and author of Tactics: A Gameplan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.

I read Greg’s book twice around the end of last year. I highly recommend! If you get the Audible version, Greg reads it himself and you get the impression you’re in an epic training session!
But seriously these two great minds on one podcast is a great listen.

I loved Greg’s metaphor of gardening in your evangelism. Going at it with an incremental approach that keeps conversation open and, in my opinion, takes the pressure off our results driven tendencies.

Greg also confirms that we should not be afraid of loose ends. Abdu encourages us to take a realistic look at our “case” and confront our own biases, but know that facing those can make our faith grow stronger.
Next episode of Defense Rests will conclude this interview.

How has this discussion motivated you in your witness?


Objection! This podcast is not good for my budget. I read Tactics many years ago, so I didn’t think I needed the new edition. When I learned the new edition has 40% more material, I just had to order it. On the bright side, my church library thanks you for the fact that it will soon be the proud owner of my first edition copy. :slight_smile:


:rofl: Objection overruled! The jury finds the plaintiff guilty of proper use of funds! :tada:


Yes, I did the same. I had the first edition, but when I went to Amazon the Kindle version was only $3.99USD so I grabbed it. Making my way through the new material–it is one of the best evangelism equipping resources available. Every church should have a few copies in their library along with a group study/seminar to enhance their evangelism portfolio.
Another great resource is Norman & David Geisler’s, “Conversational Evangelism-how to listen and speak so you can be heard.”
Also, “Questioning Evangelism–Engaging People’s Hearts the Way Jesus Did”–Randy Newman, forward by Lee Strobel


Glad you’re here @LLD! Thank you for the other book recommendations.


Lane, thanks for the additional recommendations. I agree that Conversational Evangelism is great, but I loaned my copy to someone and never got it back. I hadn’t heard of Questioning Evangelism before. I might have to place another book order. May I send you the bill? :wink:


Thanks for the resource lists! I just ordered Tactics and am really looking forward to reading through it! :hugs:


Hey April, :sunflower:

Tactics, was on my “to read, I need to buy” long list, :laughing: I do not believe I will ever have a short list.

However, after Part 1 and Part 2 of the Interview with Greg Koukl, I not only bought the book, I had the school I work for purchase them for my apologetics class.

I wish to take them through this book, pace by page and allow them to discover, question and experience the logical strategies etched throughout his book.

Thank you Abdu, for making this book come alive for me on your podcast. :tulip:


That’s awesome that you’ll be taking you’re class through the book!! :heart::+1:t4: I love Gregory’s strategy and have found myself applying so many of his tactics in my daily life… once you learn them it’s so natural for it to become a way of thinking and communicating. :blush:


Tactics is definitely a game changer for evangelism. It not only prompts conversation rather than preaching, but reminds us that everyone should have an opportunity to evaluate what they claim.

I have found it to be a winsome approach with students who reject the Bible by repeating unfounded claims they’ve heard most of their life.