Delores Ward

My name is Delores and I am from Miami Florida. I am looking forward to gospel conversation which will enhance my ability to speak intentionally to those who do not know God. I look forward to studying with RZIM.


Hi there, Delores @Dilly280! Greetings from the northern end of the Florida Coast:) I am so glad you have taken time to join us here to be equipped in your faith and witness as we think, learn, and grow together. Welcome to Connect!


Hello @Dilly280, welcome! I pray you will be blessed in your desire to speak internationally. I trust you will be able to glean from the conversations here and also offer your insight. Engage when you are able :pray:t3:

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Welcome aboard @Dilly280. Thank you for joining connect. I hope you are blessed by reading the many threads which might interest you. There are so many well read and carrying members here. God-bless you and your journey.