Delton Davis

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Hi, my name Delton
Originally from TN and currently reside in California. I teach instrumental music and I perform with various artists as a percussionist. I also have a passion for languages and exploring various cultures. Recently finished the core module and I was able to grow in so many ways. Joining Connect is a great way for me to continue to grow and be equipped for what God has for me. For now, I’m enjoying reading the questions and responses and hopefully I can contribute in some type of way to the discussions. My goal is to create a small group in my area and have open discussions about the big questions in life from a biblical world view.

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Welcome @deltond! I pray your small group is up and running soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to Connect, Delton. :smiley: It’s wonderful to hear of your passion to begin a small group. I’m certain your music students are blessed to have you as a teacher.

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Welcome, Delton!

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@sig @Brittany_Bowman1 @HeidiMitchell Thank you all for your kind words. The goal is to start this summer. I’m grateful to be teaching music…

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Hi Delton,
I am a former music teacher. Glad to know you are still teaching in that field.

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What grades did you teach? I’m love sharing my passion about music with the students.

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I have taught K-12, even in CA. Music is one of the best disciplines to teach. Every core subject can utilize music to deepen understanding. I do miss that part of it but I really enjoy being a superintendent now.

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Awesome. I know it’s a different world being a superintendent. Yes…I like when I walk into a core class to observe and they’re playing music in the background. I teach my students that are mouths are instruments and the words that come from it is music. Then I go into that we should uplift vs put down.

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Those are great ideas to instill in every learner. Stay in touch. Good luck in the classroom.