Demonic influence wile sleeping

Can a born again believer be subject to demonic forces in a subconscious dream state?


Hello Mark! Thank you for sharing your question with us.
Can you tell us more about what is the exact experience of that demonic force might be?


Sure. I’m wondering if scripture supports me as a Christian can fall to demonic influences in a dram state? Can we be influenced not possessed by the enemy in a dream?


Hi @Mallen,

That’s a good question to ask. The quick answer is Christians cannot be demon-possessed, but is still open to demonic influence.

Here’s a good video in response to your question:

There will not be mention of “spiritual warfare” (Eph 6:12) or “resisting the devil” (James 4:7) if demons are not at liberty to tempt and deceive and oppress. We should however not be afraid, because the spirit that is in us is greater than the spirit in the world (1 John 4:4). Hence, demon possession cannot take place because co-habitation with the Holy Spirit is simply not possible.

We are not talking about a “Christian” who reject God’s sovereignty over his life, and practice occultism or putting his trust to something else(idol worship). This is like the opposite of resisting the devil, and is like the unoccupied house in Matt 12:43-45, vulnerable to being taken over by more wicked spirits.

I hope that helps.


Actually @Mallen, I have heard from a couple of people that they dream they are driving out evil spirits from people they have never met, saying prayers in their dreams. And that it was a recurring dream.
I agree with @RoySujanto. We cannot be possessed if we have the holy spirit in us.
While that might be an actual spiritual warefare, we are absolutely and entirely protected by the blood of the lamb. And we have to realize this truth so deep in waking life as in our subconscious minds when we sleep as well. So, what we can do is repeat these truths to ourselves all day long and remember that our strength does not come from us but from the lord.

But also watching horror movies, hearing about these stuff at church or discussing them with someone or being surrounded by opposition of some sort could have elicited such an experience.

Asking God what this is about is important. Everything is for His glory, so nothing to worry about.