I saw in my email that I can write a letter to our dear Ravi here. First and foremost, I am so grateful that you chose to use you and your family’s time to care about “me”. It is beyond my ken the sacrifice that was taken to make RZIM.ORG a reality. God will consider this gold, silver, precious stones when the fire has sifted through the rest. So thank you Ravi, from the bottom of my heart for all you have put into this wonderful ministry. This includes excellent insight into who you would bring beside you to carry on the legacy of your teaching from God’s word.

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area in a little town called Walnut Creek. I just recently moved from CA (3rd generation so it must have taken a lot for me to want to leave). We now reside in Eagle, ID. Quite a difference and we love it here. That is another story. Today it is about YOU and what you brought to this penultimate hour laborer. Yes, I was 46 when I became a “true” Christian. God was kind enough to give me the bright red line of my salvation through Psalm 139:13-16. I will forever be grateful and my desire to know and read and listen to scripture was evident from the moment the scales fell from my “worldly” eyes.

Entrance — Ravi — KFAX radio 1100 in the Bay Area. I listened to that station from the moment I was saved. At first I felt a bit unworthy to listen. But after time, and the graciousness of the delivery, I ate up just about every podcast or video that Ravi offered to us. My son was raised on Ravi “rice” — always getting his good fill of the gospel message and the “thought and thinking” behind it. He is now, 27, equally yoked to a lovely young Christian woman, and walking with the Lord. He knows your podcasts and Q&A sessions ALMOST as good as I do. He has always enjoyed the verse that I think is key to RZIM - 1 Peter 3:15. Ravi and his team have lived this verse beautifully and to the toughest audiences (like my alma mater UC Berkeley). Thank you for your perseverance and for the heart to use your intellect to bring people to Christ. God richly bless your ministry and your family.

We love you Ravi. We truly do …

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