(Mary Beth Osborn) #1

I am currently enrolled in the course on Islam. I had my first interview a few weeks ago with a woman who adheres to that faith. As a result I was invited to an Iftar (evening meal to break the daily fast) since the month of Ramadan is being observed until this Wednesday.

I decided to go until I found out the location of the Iftar. I brought up
the subject with 2 people and explained my reservations. Both encouraged me to attend to make acquaintances and said I really could not say for certain what would transpire. So I went.

I did get to meet several women but nothing further has come about as a result of those introductions. I heard about the Qur’an with many verses put up on screen, the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’, Muslim worship prayer in Arabic, and a few other things.

What is my issue? It was in church. Not my church, but a church of a well known denomination. A denomination whose name would be associated, even by outsiders, as being a Christian church. And that was only one event. I found out they had many such nightly events at other churches around the city.

I had just heard the gospel according to Islam in the house of the One true and only God. First and ll Kings anyone? Jeremiah?

Please tell me what you think. Even if it has to do with my shortsightedness. I am still troubled by the whole thing.

Mary Beth

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

Hi Marybeth! @MaryBeth1

You’re not alone here…I would feel the same reservations about the whole thing.

Absolutely, we are to love and be around others of differing faiths. That’s the whole point of loving our neighbor. We want to listen to them, hear their worldview. Hopefully, God would work through us to speak or live out truth to others.

But, to worship Allah in a Christian church? - something is off there.

Curious what others would think on this.

(Chad Berry) #3

My advice if possible visit the church’s website. See if they have a doctrinal statement/faith statement. It’s happening folks. Be aware! Yes love them! be salt and light. Discernment is key! We need to be in our bibles! The God of the Bible is not allah! and vice versa I’m pretty new on learning how to defend the faith so some errors might be stated.

  1. From what I have heard The God of the Quran is not knowable I could be mistaken about this? This to me is THE POINT of defense for Christianity over Islam.
  2. Works-based
  3. Submission by force… Yes I know about the crusades of the “church”

We really need to point all people to the fact of the personal relationship available with God through Jesus Christ. The incarnation, life, death, burial and resurrection ascension, and the second coming are the keys to this!

Praying for the return of the nations to know these truths but I have to submit to my understanding that this won’t be achieved until the millennial kingdom. Thinking of verses in the OT. When the earth will be filled with the knowledge of The Lord! Hallelujah!

Hope this is helpful!

(Chad Berry) #4

And Yes The verse is in 1 or 2 Corinthians what do we have to with idols, separate. Come out from among them my people and I will be Your God.